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Build your campaigns

Build your campaigns.

Build your campaign by generating random codes which can be offered as coupon to customers or put in products you sell.

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Customers participation

Customers participation.

Customer send the code number to your normal phone number as SMS and receives a automatic confirmation SMS.

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Run awesome draws

Run awesome draws

Run a draw by automatically selecting 1 or more random coupon or phone number. Display the raffle on projector.

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Chezesha Raffle!

Chezesha is a raffle tool to help you build a promotional campaign, select winners and boost your sales. With no limit to the number of participants or entries in a raffle, Chezesha is ideal for experiential marketing, bars, entertainment venues and fund raising.

Chezesha allows you to make your own raffles and pick a random winner. If you have multiple entries for one person, Chezesha will take that into account when selecting a winner.


Insights & Reports

Relevant and useful results at your fingertips. Know how many customers registered, how many valid coupons, number of attempts and prizes won.

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